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When J. Edgar Hoover Wore a Dress

Great new album from my old friend Bob Pyle. His discs are usually a mix of topical novelty songs (he gets pretty frequent play on Dr. Demento!), old-time inflected tunes (he’s a pretty darn good clawhammer banjo player), and anti-meat nudges (yes, he’s an animal rights activist, too). If any of the three are up your alley, you should definitely give it a shot.

Bonus: if you click here, you can see a picture of me in my better days (I’m on the left).

George has returned to Texas…

with flying monkeys streaming out of his ass. All y’all in the rest of the country, you owe us big time. Well, I mean, I guess after we pay you all back for having released him in the first place…

Okay, we’re even.

OK, the coast is clear.

All together now: exhale…

Wow. Just wow.

Give ’em hell, Marcy Kaptur!

Everyone else is linking to this, so why not me?