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While millions around the world struggle to get even one single good meal into their bellies each day, here in these great United States, Taco Bell is engaged in a campaign to lessen the shame we feel for stuffing our pie holes, day and night, with nutritionless crap. It’s called Fourthmeal– you know, the meal between Dinner and Breakfast:


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I’m going to learn to fly the clouds

In another edition of “How in heaven’s name did I miss this?”, I give you Kenneth Anger’s “Puce Moment”, with the elusive Jonathan Halper providing the soundtrack:

When J. Edgar Hoover Wore a Dress

Great new album from my old friend Bob Pyle. His discs are usually a mix of topical novelty songs (he gets pretty frequent play on Dr. Demento!), old-time inflected tunes (he’s a pretty darn good clawhammer banjo player), and anti-meat nudges (yes, he’s an animal rights activist, too). If any of the three are up your alley, you should definitely give it a shot.

Bonus: if you click here, you can see a picture of me in my better days (I’m on the left).

Kos on the Commerce nomination

I’ve got an idea about what Obama should do with that post. It’s kind of crazy, but keep an open mind and try not to dismiss it out of hand, no matter how unconventional it might be in today’s political world:

Nominate a fucking Democrat.”

Hat tip: Avedon Carol on Eschaton

Don’t mourn for The Victor Mourning

We made it into the February issue of Budget Travel, in an article entitled ’25 Reasons We Love Austin:’

The Victor Mourning performing at Yard Dog

Wish I could say that we were one of the 25 Reasons, but in fact #19 is Yard Dog, the gallery where we’re playing in the picture linked above.