Austin-based Stefan Keydel has been writing and performing music since the age of 14, beginning with the inevitable teenage rock band up through to the present day. Along the way, he has played in bands in a variety of genres, including indie rock, electronic, drone/dirge, old time stringband, and Southern gothic. 

Currently playing fiddle with both The Boxcar Preachers and The Victor Mourning, when Stefan closes himself off in his home studio, the result is more typically what has been described as synth-based, hauntology-infused electro pop and ambient, with an occasional acoustic guitar riff thrown in just to keep things honest. In this area, he has drawn inspiration from sources ranging from ABBA, Kraftwerk, and Grouper to TwinSisterMoon, convolutional neural networks, Werner Herzog, Young Broth, W.G. Sebald, the Moomins, Ishmon Bracey, and Carter Tutti Void.

In recent years, Stefan has been recording under the name Dreishasenbild and has begun to release his music, beginning with the EPs “Very Small Songs” and “¡También, También!”. “Visitation” is his current effort and is performed on a Teenage Engineering OP-1, a Moog Model 15, and a violin, with some found vocals to round things out. It will be available in March as a limited edition 7 inch vinyl pressing on Bandcamp. All of his material is free to listen to on Bandcamp (specific releases) and Soundcloud (individual tracks).  

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