The view from the pinnacle of Casa Neverlandia

Taken at Casa Neverlandia

The Purple Fiddle in Thomas, WV


The Victor Mourning will be playing the first gig of our tour here tonight.

2011: Walter Benjamin’s works enter the public domain

What’s capitalism got to do, got to do with it?

In “The Best Laid Plans,” Yankee apologist John Gruber laments the loss of Cliff Lee to the Phillies, and at the same time, doubles down on his opinion that teams buying championships via swollen payrolls is exactly how it outta be in a capitalist system.

I say (with apologies to Tina Turner), “What’s capitalism got to do, got to do with it?” Call me quaint, but I feel that there is something pure about sport, whether physical or intellectual, that is lost when one player or team stacks the deck via cash infusions that are far beyond what is available to other players or teams.

Does Gruber also believe that people playing chess ought to be able to purchase extra queens at the beginning (or midway through) a match? Hey, if it helps them win, their prize money will enable them to buy more queens in subsequent matches.

Should the rich kids be able to start with more money at the beginning of a Monopoly game?

I mean, of course one is entitled to believe that everything should come down to cash money, but what a one-dimensional world…

Sound Unbound

Bought this a couple years ago, and finally getting around to reading / listening.

The season of ritual: Handel’s Messiah

Harnoncourt’s interpretations of Handel’s Messiah are always polarizing, and this recording with the Stockholm Kammerkören from 1982 is no exception. I think it’s incredible, and since Hansi and Suvi are out at a birthday party, I can listen to it in its entirety with no interruption!


Poke In The Eye

When will toy companies realize that the more pieces that are involved, the less likely a parent is to buy the product?

480 pieces.JPG

Two steps forward, one step back

Right now, it’s hard to recall the sense of elation I felt when we demonstrated that, as a country, we had evolved to the point where we could elect a non-white person President. However, I believe that the current moment is an inevitable backsliding as we move to a more pluralistic society, and in some ways, is more a reflection of the aberrant economic circumstances we find ourselves in than a wholesale rejection of our inevitable future.

“The Night of the Hunter”

Holy moly! I almost believe that this kind of movie wouldn’t make it past our modern-day censors. Seems clear to me that Harry Powell served as a model for the Coen Brothers’ Anton Chigurh in “No Country For Old Men.”

Holy moly!



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