The Victor Mourning spring mini-tour

Just finished our spring mini-tour. We started in Lynchburg, VA, which turns out to be a charming little town, despite the shadow cast by Liberty University (I tried to take a picture of the campus, but couldn’t see anything in my viewfinder– I think it may be related to the phenomenon whereby vampires show no reflection in mirrors). We continued on to Harrisonburg, VA, then Charleston, WV, and finally to Indianapolis, IN.

The shows went quite well, particularly those in Harrisonburg and Charleston, and the reviews are starting to come in. Here’s the Charleston reaction:

A Sound Assessment- The Victor Mourning live at Taylor Books

We’ll take it.

One response to “The Victor Mourning spring mini-tour

  1. The Victour Mourning rules! You gave me a CD of thiers some years ago and I have to say that band has more soul, well-crafted songs and poetry than almost any other group I know. Thanks for introducing me to a group I would otherwise have not known. By the way, I got Tom’s final CD and it rules, too!

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