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Daring Fireball Linked List: William Safire Dies at 79

Daring Fireball Linked List: William Safire Dies at 79

Gruber writes: “Without question, one of my favorite and most inspiring writers ever. Safire was the columnist’s columnist.”

If, by that, he means “making shit up to suit your political agenda,” then yes, Safire was the columnist’s columnist. Safire’s “On Language” column was excellent, even suberb, but his political hackery during the Bush administration, particularly with respect to the Valerie Plame incident, is a permanent blemish on his record.

Even the bonds of time cannot contain him!

Not only can John McCain swoop into town on his white unicorn and crack heads together to get a bailout agreement, but he’s also able to travel through time to let us know that tonight’s debate has already been won:


Sarah Palin and George Bush: Separated at birth?

Palin to Sean Hannity: “You can’t underestimate the wisdom of the people of America.”

Hurricane Ike follow-up: where was McCain??

I watched John McCain with his steely gaze and steady hand on the wheel as he conferred with Republican governors about preparations for Hurricane Gustav, and I knew then that I wanted him to be the strong, solid, consistent, reassuring father I never had… Oh wait, I did actually have that father… scrap that.

Anyway, where was McCain when Hurricane Ike threatened us with its mighty winds and torrential rain? What? Oh yeah– there wasn’t a convention to magnanimously and ostentatiously delay.


Classic! Looks like they spelled “nuclear” phonetically in Sarah Palin’s speech transcript so that she would pronounce it correctly.


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