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Hope fades for the ’08 Orioles


For the majority of baseball fans, there comes a time in every season when you simply have to give up the pretense that your team has a ghost of a chance to make it to playoffs; seeing this image in my Dashboard this morning sealed the deal for me.

Expectations were extremely low for the O’s this year, but they surprised everyone with a really strong start, and there were moments when the fabled Orioles Magic appeared as if it might linger into September. Curses! The only thing I have left to look forward to this year is watching the Yankees crash and burn.

Well, there’s always next year!


Your modern Republican Party: Obama is “uppity”

Nice (hat tip: TPM)
Barack Obama: guilty of running for president while black!


Classic! Looks like they spelled “nuclear” phonetically in Sarah Palin’s speech transcript so that she would pronounce it correctly.

Palin against teen moms before she was for them

How does that phrase go? You measure a society by the way it treats its most vulnerable members?


From the once and future Fafblog.

McCain’s Judgment

Man, oh, man is this campaign ever about who has (or rather, who doesn’t have) the judgment to be president. Heaven help us if McCain is elected…

The Human Race

Ran The Human Race in Austin a few hours ago. Official time of 59:18, which is a far cry from what I ran in the Capitol 10,000 ten years ago, but not bad for an old man. Yes, yes– big corporate-sponsored to-do, but a big portion of the proceeds went to various charities (I directed my contribution to the UN Refugee Fund), and it was a pretty extraordinary experience. At one point, the course went up a series of hills, and the runners ahead of me formed a huge, bobbing river of red (due to the official race uniforms)– it was quite beautiful, and I only wish I could have enjoyed it a bit more, but with temps in the mid-90s, I had to keep my focus on the task at hand. Good stuff!