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OK, the coast is clear.

All together now: exhale…

Trying again with beta Blogo

Here’s an embedded video:

I love this country again.

Danny Elfman on President Sarah Palin

Your Halloween just got a little scarier:

Even the bonds of time cannot contain him!

Not only can John McCain swoop into town on his white unicorn and crack heads together to get a bailout agreement, but he’s also able to travel through time to let us know that tonight’s debate has already been won:


Hurricane Ike follow-up: where was McCain??

I watched John McCain with his steely gaze and steady hand on the wheel as he conferred with Republican governors about preparations for Hurricane Gustav, and I knew then that I wanted him to be the strong, solid, consistent, reassuring father I never had… Oh wait, I did actually have that father… scrap that.

Anyway, where was McCain when Hurricane Ike threatened us with its mighty winds and torrential rain? What? Oh yeah– there wasn’t a convention to magnanimously and ostentatiously delay.

David Foster Wallace, RIP

Hanged himself. I believe the first thing I ever read of his was a folio piece in Harper’s entitled Ticket to the Fair (a sort of ethnography of the Illinois State Fair); this was later included in the brilliant collection A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again. I confess I’ve never read any of his fiction, although I’ve wanted to pick up Infinite Jest for some time now.

At the risk of sounding trite, I do believe that Foster Wallace was a unique voice in American letters; he will be missed.

Ike… eek!

Looks like Ike is headed our way; it’s unlikely we’ll see anything very serious in Austin, but it will be nice to get some rain. Here’s hoping that folks closer to the action come through okay!

Update: The latest 3-day forecast shows Ike veering to the east, so we might not see much of anything here in Austin– onward with the drought. Dang it.